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Can I skip one month online traning course?

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  • Can I skip one month online traning course?

    Good morning, I am planning to take a 4 months online training course. The problem is I will come back my country in 2 months and I will stay there 1 month. My question is can I stop studying 1 month while travelling then when I come back the U.S. l continue the training? Or I have to wait after travelling I take the whole process without intermission?
    Thank you

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    Yes . . . You can skip only for 1 month.
    Malkiat Singh
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      I think you can skip for 1 month maximum, after that it's possible that they put sanctions or at least they ask you why


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        Oh that was exactly i was going to ask. Because of some circumstances i have to take leave. Was just looking for it mcdvoice
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          It depends upon the University. I know that there are Universities which doesn't allow you to skip even a week


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            I was allowed a break of a month and a half at one time.
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              From my experience, when it comes to such questions, it's better to contact someone from your uni and ask for it. skipping is in general, not good, even if you're not a 4-year student. And yes, the rules in each educational institution is different, so it's better to find everything out


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                Most online training courses will allow you to pause your course for up to a month, but some may not. You should contact the provider of the online training course and inquire about the policy they have in place for taking breaks during the course.


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