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studying on H4 with OPT permission

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  • studying on H4 with OPT permission

    My wife is currently on H4 visa and appeared for GRE. She's interested to enroll in MS program. Below are some doubts,

    1. She need to go on F1(student visa) for studying or to get all the benefits with student visa?
    2. The rate of interest while applying for loan will be same if she's on H4 or F1?
    3. If she can stay in H4 and study then how she will get i20 ?
    4. What are the conditions for CPT/OPT if she's gets H4+i20 ?
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    it's my dream too. any information you have then please inform me. i am very interested in this. study is a real power so can should get at any cost standard deviation calculator


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