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College Recommendation: Masters Program in Networking/Cloud Computing/ cyber security

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  • College Recommendation: Masters Program in Networking/Cloud Computing/ cyber security

    Dear Friends,

    i am working Full time in H1b visa. But planning to do Masters(Distance education) in Network Technology in North Carolina State.

    So far i found masters in network Design in East Carolina University, But i have following queries. Need your suggestions on the following points

    1)Looking for some good universities(preferable NC state) for master Programs in Network Design/Cloud computing /cyber security (not with two many entrance tests requirement)

    1) Due to my full time job, i cant attend university in campus, so planing to do distance education or online education degree for master? is it valuable in US or it wont be treated the same way as fulltime campus degree??

    2) Fees structure Looks same for Both Resident-on campus and Resident Distance Education(Even distance education includes room & Board, trasnporation is it normal?

    Thanks for ur reply in advance


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    Any input Friends???????????


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      Originally posted by Denischif
      I am sure there are many universities you could get licensed online, but it is your responsibility to be sure youțll learn everything while having such a schedule. I am sure the online area has a lot evaluated from what it was some years ago, so now we all can get our diploma without any problem even if we are not coming physically to the university. We can even get jobs online and stuff like that; this area is significantly extended. You could work for a web designer, and I don't see how your presence in class would affect your studies, so go on, search for online universities!
      Pogost I agree with you. Important information. Read it all.


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        I wouldn't give up evening classes to combine them with work. There are many programs for working, and training is necessary for career growth. I know that there is an ASA College, which originally trained IT specialists. But today, the college offers a wide range of programs for students in marketing and information technology. I am sure that you can try there to find something suitable for your field and profession. It is noteworthy that ASA College is mentioned at miami.asa.edu, and it also prepares students for the TOEFL exam.

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          Maybe, you can reduce working hours to be able to visit classes? I think it's more important than work. Before becoming a student, I also had a job, but when I was accepted, I decided to quit to be able to focus on studying. And it was the right thing to do because even now I don't have enough time to do everything. Tasks take so much time, especially when I have to write something on a controversial issue. Some time ago, I found this site​ https://supremestudy.com/essay-examples/gender-inequality/ where I found different gender inequality essay examples and managed to finish my task. I write on different issues, and sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas, so I have to spend a lot of time. But those examples inspire me and save a lot of time. And honestly, I can't imagine how it is to combine studies and work, so I choose not to combine.​
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