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Urgent - COS H1- F1

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  • Urgent - COS H1- F1


    I graduated with an MBA degree in 2006. I recently lost my job and am planning to enroll in a school on F1. I was wondering will it be a good option to do a second MBA degree or do an MS in computer science. My bachelors degree is in commerce.

    1 ) Will it be a problem if I again enroll in MBA? Will my F1 be denied since it is double MBA
    2) Should I enroll in MS in Computer Science although my bachelors degree is in commerce? How do I defend my case.Will by F1 be denied since no bachelors in engineering?

    3) I need to write a letter to USCIS requesting reason for COS hence I am confused? Does anyone have templates on the letter sent to USCIS on COS?

    Please advice.

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    contact me

    this is my mail id [email protected]

    I and my husband r in usa... and are looking to for an answer to same question.Plz get in touch.