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Important things to consider when going for Document translation

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  • Important things to consider when going for Document translation

    Generally, the potential dilemmas that would likely to occur when you want to secure any legal documents may be reduced once you have a birth certificate translation., having your birth certificate translated could mean a lot. Try to take these things into account in order to get an accurate translated document.
    1. Don’t forget to provide to the translation service provider the resources for the correct spelling of your name and address if necessary.
    1. It may result to some issues in case your birth certificate is not written in Roman alphabet like the Russian or Chinese.
    1. Information on the birth certificates that are handwritten are also one of the great difficulties. Sometimes, handwriting may not be clearly read and understood by the translators. Instances like this may lead to misspellings and inaccurate birth certificate translation.
    1. It is better to hand over the best version of your birth certificate which has the highest amount of information to your translation agency if necessary.
    1. There are countries that issue birth certificates in long and short versions. In this case, ensure that the copy of the birth certificate that you will provide to the translation agency contains the following data:
    • Full name
    • Birth place
    • Birth date indicated in month, day, year
    • Full names of both parents
    • Birth dates of both parents
    • Birth places of both parents
    • Seal of the releasing government