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Tricky question for financials for F1

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  • Tricky question for financials for F1

    Hello all,

    I am applying for MS in Software engineering course in US for Fall 2010 semester and application deadline is till 11th June 2010. I have two questions:

    1) I have to send the financial affidavit form to the institute to issue my I-20. In that form I need to mention the source of the fund for my study. I am still not sure whom I would take money in my relative/friend. I may take it from my uncle or cousin. So suppose I mention the name of my uncle in the affidavit form now, but later due to some issues, I got sponsorship from my cousin at the time of going for visa stamping, not from my uncle. Since I-20 will mention that fund is coming from uncle, so would visa officer object that why have I changed the sponsor and showing my cousin as sponsor now? Will it create any problem?

    2) My uncle is a US citizen and my cousin is also in US but on h1b visa for very long time. So taking sponsorship from any of these people will adversely affect the possibility to get visa stamped? Someone told me if you get sponsorship from US resident, then consulate officer will think u may live in US even after completing your study. UNFORTUNATELY I do not have anybody in India who can sponsor me (

    3) Since this is a one year full-time ; 9 credit/semester; course so does US govt. gives visa for such courses or it must be at least 2 years course? Of course I want to work in US after completing my study. So would US govt deny my visa thinking this guy wants to work here that's why he is taking the shortest course to finish up fats?

    I would really appreciate your reply.