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Maiden name to Married name change while on F1 visa

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  • Maiden name to Married name change while on F1 visa


    I am currently on F1 visa and studying at a US university since Fall 2010.
    I got married prior to that in November 2009 in India.

    I have my maiden name (SHILPI PANDEY) everywhere, including Passport, US Visa, I20, SEVIS Records and I-94.

    However, I am planning to change to my married name and get a new passport from Indian Consulate in New York with the last name changed (i.e. SHILPI CHAUBEY).

    I will update my records in University i.e. I20 and registrar's office.

    What other documents need to be updated by law? I am assuming my college will update my SEVIS record.

    Does USCIS needs to be notified? If yes, do they have some form for name change like AR11 for address change ?

    Do I need to change the name in I94 ?

    Do I need to change name in SSN ? What documents are needed for the same? I remember last time they asked for I94.

    By any chance are you aware if new visa will be needed once I return to India, or old passport, new passport and marriage certificate will suffice.

    Thanks for your help,