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Need help financing US studies

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  • Need help financing US studies

    I'm from the UK and currently living there right now.

    I intend to go to the University of Toledo to do my bachelors in Computer Science. I wouldn't be using on-campus accommodation, and would only need to pay for tuition. I understand I can get a scholarship for $7,500 as an international student, but I don't know how to fund the other $11,500. I simply cannot afford that, and was wondering what other options would be available and if there are any reputable lenders out there who could help me finance my studies.

    A few questions too:

    1. Would I have to pay per year, per semester, or pay after I graduate?
    2. Would a community college to get my computer science degree be a better option? Considering Owens Community College in Perrysburg, Ohio. Seems to be around $6,500 per year, which is more realistic and feasible for my situation.
    3. I believe I could work for 20 hours per week on-campus during term times, and up to 40 hours per week during holiday times on a student visa. Is that enough to finance my studies?
    4. I've heard I could get a U.S guarantor to sponsor me. If I managed to get that, would I be able to pay everything AFTER I graduate, or would I still have to pay per semester/per year?

    Any other information about studying in the USA would be greatly appreciated.


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    1. You pay at the start of each semester. But it might vary from school to school.
    2. Possibly. I've known several people who did this. Just verify that the credits from a specific program will transfer to a specific university program. You can ask a counselor, or find the information on the program website.
    3. You need to calculate your potential income, minus potential expenses, and see if that covers the tuition and stuff. Plus, plan for unexpected expenses.
    4. Can't answer this one.

    My advice would be to apply to university, and after that when they accept you they will also send a letter notifying you how much financial aid they will offer. They will automatically show any scholarships you got, and for those who qualify, any federal grants and loans.