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Can the student visa application be denied?

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  • Can the student visa application be denied?


    My cousin is applying to study in the USA. He has a tourist visa and came once with his girlfriend, who is a green card holder. Her parents wrote a letter for immigration saying that they will cover expenses and make sure that he left at the end of the visit, which he did. When he was asked during the visa interview if his girlfriend was his girlfriend, he said that only friends and obtained a tourist visa. However, when they tried to enter the US he was stopped and question by the immigration officers and they had their phones confiscated and the officer saw messages and pictures and they had to tell the truth. My cousin was able to enter the US with the tourist visa and left when he was supposed to. My question is, would he have any trouble when he applies for a student visa? Would he be denied based on this? Would that be in his permanent record? Thank you.