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DOB (Date of Birth) Problem

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  • DOB (Date of Birth) Problem

    Hello, I am a permanent resident of USA. I have completed my Bachelor's degree from my country Bangladesh and was a lecturer. But thing is that the DOB of my all educational certificate is different from my original DOB of Green card. This thing happened because our primary village school teacher filled the DOB by their own and my case was filed before I was in school with my real birth date. Now I need some suggestions from you guys what should I do if I want to study here in USA. I am worried and confused because all of my educational qualifications will be invalid if there is no way. I hope I will get some advice from this group and help me to pursue my dream. Thank you.

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    Hey, you should take steps to make a change of Date-of-Birth and if you have the right date of birth on your passport and other important documents then there should be no problem with anything.