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H4 to F1 visa OPT eligibility

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  • H4 to F1 visa OPT eligibility

    Hi everyone,

    I have got admission in a reputed college in USA in MS in Business Analytics program which is a one year program. I currently live i USA with my spouse on an H4 visa. To be eligible for this STEM qualified degree I will need to convert to F1 visa. What is a good option:
    1. Going for a COS from H4 to F1? This option takes longer processing time and since it is a one year program this option is less recommended.
    2. Going back to India and get F1 stamped by attending F1 interview?
    To be eligible for OPT a student needs to be on F1 visa for two semesters ( 9 months) Will the time spent studying on H4 visa be counted towards OPT eligibility if I go for visa stampping in between ?