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Part-time degree evaluation

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  • Part-time degree evaluation

    Hello, I'm not sure that I will fiand the answer to my question here, but I will try still and I'll appreciate any help.

    I'm currently studying at the Academy of State Taxation Service of Ukraine as a Bachelor in Accounting and Taxation, but I'm a part-time student there. I'm planning to move to the USA and study law, but as I know I need a completed Bachelor's degree to enroll. Will my part-time degree be equivalent to a USA bachelor or this diploma won't be suitable for studying law in the future?

    I used WES free equivalency tool and it says that technically my degree is equivalent, but I can't specify in that tool that my education is part-time, so I'm not sure if I can trust these results. If it matters, my degree consist of 240 ECTS credits anyway.

    Also, I'm sure that in Germany my diploma is completely equivalent, so I'm thinking about getting a Master's Accounting degree in Germany first if it in summar—É affects the equivalency of my diploma, and then apply for law in the United States.