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  • Share Samples Letters of Recomm for MBA

    Hi everyone,

    Please share samples letters of recommendations for MBA. if you have any link and if you can share, that would be really great.

    Kapil Patel

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    Your question looks like you intend to falsify your credentials.

    Any compentent university faculty member or business person in a position of responsibility has writen enough of these that there is no need for a sample.

    Fraud can get you kicked out of school faster than you can spell it.


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      Aah! Ouch!

      Doing MBA and not know how to write a letter?

      Good one!


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        Originally posted by knowledgeable View Post
        Doing MBA and not know how to write a letter?

        Good one!
        Laughs out loud


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          University Assignment Format

          You can download recommendation letter format doc format


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            Oh, Thank you a lot for these samples. They helped me a lot


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              Adjusting from H1-b, married to USC, Philadelphia, PA

              12/19/17: App sent
              12/27/17: App Received
              1/8/18: Notification of Acceptance via email and Text Message
              1/12/18: 3 letters of the receipt in mail
              1/20/18: Letter for Biometric Appointment in mail
              2/02/18: Biometric Appointment
              2/8/18: Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview.
              5/16/18: New Card Is Being Produced
              5/26/18: Received EAD card
              12/20/18: Interview scheduled.
              1/24/19: Interview completer; approved on the spot


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                Found or still looking dear?


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	MBA-Recommendation-Letter-791x1024.png
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                  Saw your old request, do not know whether it relevant or not. But if you still need it, you are welcome!


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                    I always had problems writing an essay, and when I found out that it was very important to write an admission essay for college in the USA, it was a big problem for me. I had 4 versions of this essay, but they weren't good. My friend advised me to turn to specialists who will read my essay and tell me where I have errors and how to make an essay that makes a good impression. I found such a service here https://www.essayedge.com/mba-essay-editing/ . I haven't written to them yet, but I would like to know more about such services. Someone here turned to linguists to proofread their essays?


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                      What Is The Format Of A Good SOP For MBA?

                      There are a few crucial aspects that make a good SOP. To begin with, your SOP needs to be built around a theme or central idea. Think of your life as the story of a movie and think of yourself as to its protagonist.

                      Just like a movie, your SOP should have a prologue and epilogue. The prologue, or opening lines, would be your introduction to the story and will set its tone. The ending lines would talk about the alignment of your life’s missions and goals with the program you are applying for. And the core of the content - that is the middle part - is where your character really comes to life, and emerges as a hero.

                      As is the case with movies, the hero is almost always shown in a positive light. Yes, the central character would have vulnerabilities - and that is what makes a movie interesting. But highlighting the best things often helps you overshadow the shortcomings. So before drafting your SOP, the first thing you need to do is make a list of all your achievements, your USPs, your skills, your specializations, your unique ideas, and things that really set you apart from the crowd - that would be your superhero elements.

                      Another thing that is extremely essential is to research about your desired course and the university you are applying to. Find out about the alumni and the university’s history. Read everything that is available about the university online. Add it to your story in an organic manner. Express how a particular past occurrence aligns with your expectations of this course. This would certainly express your willingness as well as your keen sense of observation.

                      Once you are done with jotting down your superhero elements, it is time to eliminate unnecessary things. Put everything down on a piece of paper. Your short term goals after completing your desired course, as well as your long term vision should clearly be mentioned. Draft a sample SOP, as if this were your final SOP. Read and edit the whole thing. Now read again. Still finding mistakes? Keep editing it till you find the best version of it. It is recommended to send it to 6-7 past applicants you know who have secured an admit, or someone you trust for honest feedback. If you want expert advice, let GyanDhan know and we will do it for you through one of our partners.