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  • Status OPT->H1 *critical


    I am an F1 student,I think i got a prblm that no one got yet .I applied for OPT in OCT'07.My course completed on 16th DEC.After a long time(nearly 4 months) in first week of FEB'08 i got a denail notice from USCIS which saying that they denied my case because of CPT over usage (but i didn't did that ) and they also given an option to reopen my case with additional evidence (documents).I applied for motion to reopen my case with additional detailed proof(SEVIS) on second week of FEB'08,but yet today my case is pending with USCIS.I am appling for H1 in this april in Master's Quota.I have qustions regarding this issue.

    1)Wether i am in status or not?

    2)Is there any way to speed up my process?(I called USCIS many times but they only giving status info. of my pending case)

    3)Is this issue going to effect my H1 processing.

    4)Is there any alternatives to out come from this situations.

    Please advice me....