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Haven't received my I-797 receipt

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  • Haven't received my I-797 receipt

    I applied for OPT. My bank account was charged, I received a receipt text with a receipt number, but I haven't received an official receipt in mail (I-797), which they said they sent. I'm worried because it's been almost a month since they claim they sent it.

    Checking my case status online says that I should follow the instructions in the I-797, which makes me think that the official receipt holds more info than the text message receipt. Does the official receipt have more info that tells me what to do?

    I tried checking about this on the USCIS contact center, but they said "this type of request wasn't supported". I also checked with their chatbot, who said that I should call them if my bank account was charged my I didn't receive the receipt. I called them during office hours, and I'm still on hold (over 30 mins).