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Unpaid employment/volunteer through Job agency

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  • Unpaid employment/volunteer through Job agency

    Hi Folks,
    I am on my Initial OPT. I added an employment agency as my first employer on opt. Their offer letter says full-time volunteer until training and I will be paid post that.
    However, the training is self-study and I didn't receive any payment. The only document that I have from the first employer is the offer letter with the start date, very basic job description, some emails asking me to interview with their clients.
    Meanwhile, I received another offer with proper onboarding documentation, pay and changed my employer

    For unpaid employment what other documentation should I maintain?
    Does uscis ask for these documents during opt extn?
    kindly someone provide me a list of documentation need to be maintained for an unpaid employment
    I am very confused and need valid suggestions.

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    If you are in employment that is not paid while on OPT, I think you should keep the following records

    • Copies of employment agreements or contracts with the employer which includes start and end dates, training mode (on location, online, etc) and location of the internship/unpaid training for each employer.
    • Copies of all completion certificates and/or diplomas and degrees that you received during training programs identified (and already have also).
    • If you worked/trained as an unpaid employee for a third party keep evidence of the projects/contracts you worked on.
    • Copies of your attendance records and your daily tasks in detail for all employers during the unpaid internship or training ( not so sure)

    Also I would advice you to consult your DSO regarding this and as the DSO can help you with the legal and valid suggestions.

    *just a opinion *