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CPT/OPT time frame

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  • CPT/OPT time frame

    Hi all,
    I am a doctoral candidate (STEM degree) about to defend my dissertation and looking for jobs.
    This is my current situation:
    I have an internship offer for this summer that I have to confirm ASAP. And then I am in the interview process with another company for a full-time position and the last round would be later this week or early next week. From my previous round interview with this company, everything seems to be positive and its very likely that I would get a full time offer from that company.

    International programs office at my school doesn’t recommend doing CPT in the final semester. They say that if you do internship (CPT) in the final semester, when applying for OPT, my profile would undergo more scrutiny. For doctoral students, the graduation date could be the official graduation date (end of semester) or when you submit the final paperwork to graduate school (after defense).

    Considering these, If I plan to go ahead with my internship in summer and then graduate in Fall (early fall – late August) and join full-time in early September, depending on my EAD date, would it be risky in any way? Is there any possibility that my OPT would be rejected just because the time frame of internship/graduation/fulltime? Is there any rule/law regarding this?

    Thank you for any advice and stay safe.