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OPT during second masters??

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  • OPT during second masters??

    Hi everyone,

    I had completed my Master's in ECE in December 2008. Currently I am working and residing in India. I am planning to apply for PhD/MS programs in computer science in Fall 2012.

    I had applied for opt and had received my EAD card which was valid from 2/2/09 to 2/1/10. But I had left US in the month of june 2009. I know that students are allowed only one year of full-time OPT during their time as an F-1 student after each level of study, but I read the following somewhere , Is this true?

    and they may become eligible for another twelve months of OPT after those rights have once been used if they have:
    1) spent at least five months outside the U.S. and then return in F-1 status to begin a new program; or
    2) changed from F-1 to another visa status, spend at least five months in the other status, and then return to F-1 visa status to begin a new academic program.

    I will be entering with a new SEVIS number, so will I be eleigible for another OPT?

    I will really appreciate your help in this matter.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Thanks and Regards.

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    AFAIK you will get only one OPT for a degree level.
    This is my opinion and not legal advice.