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Visa b1/b2 refusal, please help!!!

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  • Visa b1/b2 refusal, please help!!!

    On 26/11/13 we applied for short business trip to US and get refusal, there was no contact details in the application, only details of the hotel.
    The purpose was to visit any company in USA and buy used cars. I'm married, I have 3 kids, my wife is not working. I'm earning good money but in my job confirmation letter its stated that Im earning 900$ per 1 minibus (Im a driver of the public transportation), and I have 2 other buses (belonging to me and they are working on the same route). In general my income is $2700 - per month but there was not any bank statement from my side. but when the VO asked how much do I get I said: 1900-2000$. -
    He also asked the price for the aritickets I said 860$, but its 950 minimum from my country. I'm from Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek.

    So now I want to reapply for the same type b1/b2 of visa and will get an invitation by e-mail from the Auto Trader Company (hopefully) + will stay at the hotel.
    want to say that Im earning $2000-2700$ it depends on some points - weather and so on. And I'm paying myself for my trip and will car on my own - will provide bank statement.

    Do I have any chance to issue a visa? What should I do?

    - - - Updated - - -

    and what if I'll not be able to get an invitation letter from the company, where I'm planning to buy the car? Should I reapply for tourist visa b2?