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Re-entry with two visas in passport?

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  • Re-entry with two visas in passport?


    First of all - thanks for all your help! This is a terrific forum.

    I'm on a H1B visa and I will start a PhD program in the US this fall, on a J1 visa. A change of status is not an option for me as it would take to long. I will go home this summer instead, to get my J1 visa. I would like to

    1) re-enter the States on my H1B (effectively with both visas in my passport, put choosing to come back on the H1B)
    2) work for some more
    3) then go to Canada or Mexico
    4) come back on my J1 and start my studies.

    Has anyone done this and do you see any issues with this?

    Thank you!

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    This is new to me .I have no idea of this.