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Travelling before permanent residency

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  • Travelling before permanent residency

    I am in the process of applying for permanent residency in the USA, original from the UK.
    I moved here in 06 and filled out all relevant forms, only to find we had not filed an important form.
    The USCIS tried to enforce Deportation proceedings which went to court and was thrown out, and therefore my last form, theI-485 is again about to be sent in, hopefully the last one and I can then get my permanent residency.
    My question is, if I leave the USA (I'm at the end of my tether waiting) before this form is filed and I before I get permanent residency, can I come back to the USA if I leave and go home to the UK?
    I know if I was deported I cant come back for ten years, but If I leave voluntarily before the process has finished, am I allowed back at a reasonable time?

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    I think you can go out but for a specific time period. you can visit their website to confirm time period.