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Help! Question about reentry!

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  • Help! Question about reentry!

    Can anybody give me some information? My husband is a greencard holder, but he is not yet a US citizen. He went back to his country, The Czech Republic, to renew his passport before it expires in about a month. He has a return ticket for a few days from now, but his new passport isn't ready! If he waits, we'll have to buy a new ticket for alot of money and we don't want to do that. Can he get back into the US with his green card and a Czech Passport that will expire in about a month? He has been told that his passport has to be valid for at least six months (it can't be expiring soon.) I can't find any information on this. Is he right or wrong? We just want him to come home--we don't want to wait for the new passport! Let me know, please.