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Passport Expiry/Travel question

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  • Passport Expiry/Travel question

    My name is Raghu travelling to India between December 28th 2014 and January 26th 2015. My Indian passport is going to expire on Mar 22nd 2015 which is 2 months later I arrive in USA.

    1) Now my question is there a problem for me to travel to India?
    2) I heard that when I return back to USA then I need my passport validity of atleast 6 months. Is that true ?
    3) I want to go India and want to apply for Reissue of passport in India?

    While filling online application form for Indian Reissue of passport can I enter my US address as my previous address. If YES then what are the supporting documents I need to show the proof of US address

    Did anybody do this before. Any help would be really really appreciated.