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Traveling with a green card and a passport that expires in 4 months

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  • Traveling with a green card and a passport that expires in 4 months

    Hi there,

    I've been searching about this issue but can't really figure out a straight answer.
    I'm a citizen of two EU countries and I have a US green card. The passport that I started my green card process with is about to expire in December, but my other passport is valid until 2021. What I'm trying to figure out is - can I travel to the EU and back to the US with my other passport (the one that wasn't used for my green card process)??

    I also heard about a rule which says you need to have a passport valid for 3 months plus the time you spend there - another rule I've known about is that you can't travel with a passport that is about to expire within 6 months.

    What about when I'm returning to the US - do I just need my green card and US ID? Could I use my other passport, or do I need to present the passport which I used for the green card process?

    I'm pretty confused and I definitely don't want to run into trouble at the airport - and definitely don't want to get turned around. I wanted to renew my passport but turns out it will take about 5 months, so at this point that is not an option.

    Anyone ever had this situation? Any information in the matter is much appreciated!

    Thank you