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Travelling on OPT and re-entering close to expiry

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  • Travelling on OPT and re-entering close to expiry

    Hi, I am currently on F-1 OPT status with my STEM extension request in process. I will be travelling to India on January 15th and will be returning to US on February 14th. My current EAD card expires on February 15th. There are chances that I might not receive my STEM extension EAD card till February 14th and I will have to re-enter on the old card.

    Since I have applied for STEM extension I am authorized to work for 180 days after expiry.

    My questions here.
    1. Although it looks like on papers my re-entry on February 14th looks legal, is it advised? Are there chances that I will not be allowed to re-enter?
    1. If it is not a good idea to travel back 1 day before expiry, would travelling on an earlier date, say Feb 8th or 9th help?

    Just to add, I will have all the proofs required like STEM extension application receipt, employment proof, new I-20 and current EAD card with me.