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My wife took my last name, but her Chinese passport has maiden name. How do we travel

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  • My wife took my last name, but her Chinese passport has maiden name. How do we travel

    My wife is from China. We married two years ago in NY and have a baby. We filed all her immigration paperwork, where she took my last name. She just received her Advance Parole card to work and travel, which has her new last name. We are waiting for the immigration interview, which should be in March. We want to go back to China, but don't know how to book the ticket for her. Here are my concerns...

    Her Chinese passport is valid, but has her maiden name. Her Visa to the Untied States expired last year. Coming back to the United States won't be a problem because she has the Advance Parole card and doesn't need a Visa to return (which I read in the Advance Parole paperwork... is that correct?).

    How do I book her ticket to China? At first, I thought we should use her maiden name that matches her passport, but will there be a problem coming back to NY because there is nothing on the ticket that has her new last name? Will she have a problem in China because her Visa to the United States expired, even though we got married (we are afraid of what the Chinese Government will do). Can they deny her going back to the United States? Should I book her ticket under her new last name that matches the marriage certificate and Advance Parole card or does the Chinese Government require a valid passport?

    We don't see a problem coming back to the United States because USCIS has on record her maiden name, visa information and advance parole card. We are worried about what will happen when she enters China and then wants to return to the Untied States.

    How do we book her tickets to fly to China and be able to return to the United States?

    Thanks for reading!!!