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flying while pregnant

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  • flying while pregnant

    Hello my name is Roshini. I'm in the second month of pregnancy. I'm gonna have to go to Australia for a business related matter. I want to know is it safe to fly during this time? Can anyone advice me please? I'm just searching the internet for advices.

    Doctor in my area said its okay since i'm still in the second month,

    But i thought i'd be better asking here for more.

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    flying while pregnant

    Strange you don't trust your doctors advise? But you do trust someone blindly here online, whom you don't know at all.

    Please listen to your doctors advise and yes your safe to travel. Have a safe and productive journey.


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      Yes , It is important for you to listen to your doctor. It is always better to avoid travelling during at the time of pregnancy period .


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        If the doctors said ok, then you surely are safe to travel. Take care .


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          I think you should listen to your doctor and not to strangers online.
          Hi, guys! My name is Erick. Next year I want to go to USA; and at the moment I'm working on my university application, Visa and I'm writing sop. Hope to do well!