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Travel to Kolkata,India

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  • Travel to Kolkata,India

    Hi,hope u all r doing well.
    I came through this forum and got lots of information which are truly useful..I have a question about travelling to india..I need to travel to Kolkata by end of this month, I am on dependent visa..can anybody please guide me about this..is it safe to travel to india now for dependent visa holder ? I do have visa stamping also in my home country kolkata,already got my appointment dates..but everybody is saying to avoid travel now just because of the current situation over here.Is it true that during visa stamping interview visas are getting revoked.? Please help me to find out more information about this..I really need to go to India but also at the same time can't take the risk..please let me know if anybody travelling to india(Kolkata) now and also stamping is going smoothly or not..thanks soo much in advance.

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    I hope you have completed your travel by now . Any updates about your experiences , are you back to USA safely ?