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BEWARE WHILE BOOKING TRAVEL TICKETS - Especially UNKNOWN travel agents on the net

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  • BEWARE WHILE BOOKING TRAVEL TICKETS - Especially UNKNOWN travel agents on the net

    Dear Friends,
    No idea as whether it is a right forum to post this message, but this forum has lot of visibility and I want to save others from the travel agent last name BHATTI.
    Travel agent named BHATTI has cheated us and luckily we got escaped while paying the money (we approached him through SULEKHA AD) .Finally came to know through my colleague (and a bank staff ) as he has already cheated him after getting the money. He plays very clever and it is a big story. In a short, he asks to pay by wire transfer before issuing the ticket and finally he cancels all the booking. He is operating from Canada and the call comes as "TORONTO STAR" number. NEVER EVER PAY ANY AGENTS IN ADVANCE, unless you KNOW HIM VERY WELL.

    I will post the story during the weekend. Just this is a heads up to altert everyone about the UNKNOWN travel agent.

    Lot of good agents at chennai and they gives very good fare with an excellent service. However I cannot post the name on this forum because of rules and regulations in the forum.
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    Thanks for letting everybody know abt this..


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      Attn Administrator - Cheating Travel Agent

      Dear ADMIN,
      Can you please post this as a static message on top of the forum. This travel agent sits in SULEKHA.COM ad and we (myself and my friend) have emailed to SULEKHA but no action from SULEKHA. Still he is in the travel agent list and he talks very nicely (a brain washer with his quote amount).

      So PLEASE post this as a static message in the forum.


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        Another person also cheated by BHATTI - Travel Agent

        I came to know through my friend as one of his friend also cheated by the same guy. So please beware of the cheats.. Don't go through the unknown person and especially don't pay before getting the tickets