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Flight date is getting close but don?t have passport

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  • Flight date is getting close but don?t have passport

    Hi everyone, I need help!!!! I live in Denver CO. I applied for a passport for the first time in March 21 2018 at my local post office and paid for expedited process and also paid an overnight return delivery. I just realized I made a huge mistake since my flight is on April 9th. Here?s my question; can I Get my passport in time before my flight? I am not sure what to do now? Pls help!! Thank you

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    It depends a lot on the current Demand for passports, your local post office, etc.

    But anyway there is no specific solutions man... Just have to "wait & see".... Try to call them and put a little bit of "pression" on them to ensure a fast delivery.

    Insist on the fact that you are in an urgent need of receiving it quickly.

    Keep us informed