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help at Mumbai airport

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  • help at Mumbai airport

    My parents would be traveling from INDIA to USA for the first time next month.
    While they do the boarding/check in Mumbai i was wondering if there is any help available to carry the bags to the airline counter.
    I am afraid my parents can't lift those bags.


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    All international airports in India ...

    ... have "workers" who are supposed to help people with their bags.

    Now, in reality they do not do so of their own free will. However, if you request them and maybe offer a few bucks, they'll do the needful.

    I'm sorry, I didn't want to say this, but still in India some of these things don't work well.

    The problem lies with the people and not the workers themselves. If each and everybody who was affected made appropriate complaints, then things will automatically change. However, nobody has the time to do so, hence we all suffer.

    Good luck


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      In Delhi Airport, on 12/12/2007 we were helped by a porter who unloaded the luggages from the car and carried the same in a trolly till the entrance gate; all for free.