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  • oci renewal

    i had renewed my usa passport, do I need to renew the oci. I got the usa passport first time after I crossed 55 yrs and I got the oci card at the same time. Now I have renewed my usa passport . Do I need to renew the OCI now ? I noticed some info that if you get the usa passport first time after you cross 50, you need not renew the oci .....

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    this is published in internet "For individuals who are more than the age of 49, OCI documents need to be renewed or re-issued while a new passport is being issued to them. However, an exemption to this is such individuals who get their passports for the first time after attaining the age of fifty. Such individuals need not get their OCI documents re-issued and renewed since the OCI card is issued fresh to them."


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      If you first OCI was issued after 49yrs of age, then you do not need to apply for another one.
      be sure to carry your expired passport (which was used to obtain OCI) along with the new one when traveling to India
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