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Passport with new name; Greencard with old name!!!

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  • Passport with new name; Greencard with old name!!!

    #1. I, Indian citizen in USA with US Green Card, got my middle and last name changed on Indian passport 6 months back. Now it matches with my post-marriage name.
    #2. But I had got my green card few years earlier, with my maiden (i.e. earlier) name.
    #3. Four months back I have applied for name change on green card as well, but it will likely take six more months.

    I need to travel to India in 3 weeks, and come back to US in 6 weeks thereafter. What are my option to secure travel without getting denied the departure/arrival/transit throughout the Journey? Turkey is my transit airport for 3 hours halt.

    Thank you.


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    There was no need to change this on the greencard.
    As an LPR, you can continue to travel with the old name on the greencard as long as you bring a copy of the court order which authorized the name change OR your marriage certificate.
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.