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    I am needing assistance. I am looking on the opitons to get a phillipino woman to the US. She is the girlfriend of my father for about 2 years now. They want to get married and bring her here. She was married before (2 kids) and the husband disappeared (which I guess is common there), so technically not divorced, but he has not been around in years. They talk every day on the phone and he has been over for many visits for an extended time. Her kids live in the Phillipines and many of the siblings send money to the siblings family to keep the household going (which again I guess is common in that culture).

    She lives in Hong Kong as a caregiver to a family for their children (cooking, cleaning, etc.).

    What are the options? We know of a family looking for a live in caregiver, so could try a work visa? He wants to marry her, so maybe that route? Maybe as a tourist, then marry her when she is here?

    Any help would be great, we don't know the options.

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    If your father is a USC, that would be the best route. One thing for sure is that she MUST resolve the issue of her first marriage.