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Sponsor licence and Pre-licence priority service

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  • Sponsor licence and Pre-licence priority service


    I am new to this forum, so apologize if I posted in the wrong thread. I have sponsorship promises from a UK employer who started the sponsoring procedure back in late July this year (as they claim), In mid-September, the home office asked for further documents and they provided them. Until the day of writing this topic (15/11/2023), there was no response from the home office. Is this normal? I assumed that applications usually take 2 months, not almost 4 now.

    I have asked them to go by the Pre-licence priority service, but they were not more successful, every day and just less than one second past 09:00 A.M. all the 30 allocated slots are taken, is this normal, or are we having a technical issue? Are we facing bots? They have tried to call the provided helpdesk contact number, but they were not successful, any other solution?

    One more question is, what is the average time between a company having their license and an employer starting officially to work for them, I cannot keep waiting in the void like this until the end of January at most.

    Thank you,‚Äč