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special immigration juvenile status for foster care kids

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  • special immigration juvenile status for foster care kids

    Hi I am 20 years old and I am still a ward of the court. My mom left s when I was 4 and my dad went to prison when I was 13 and I became homeless ever since. Until I was 16 I got arrested for stealing a shirt and when it came time to release me they realized I didn't have anybody looking after me so CPS made me a ward of the court. I am getting my green card through foster care special immigration juvenile status. I had my interview a week ago but they could not approve my application because they needed the final disposition form of the time I got arrested stealing that shirt. It is my one and only arrest and I am doing real good for myself I got certified as a CNA and I am majoring in Political Science. I am just scared that my application will be denied because of my arrest. The interview officer was being really mean he made me cry but then again I cry for everything I guess he was having a bad day and he was upset because my paperwork was not in order which was not my fault I was not in charge of my paper work the immigration agency was. My question is do you think he will deny my application and if he does is there any kind of appeal I can file?