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  • adoption

    My hubby, US citzen and I are adopting my late brothers 15 year old soon to be 16 in June 2009 daughter.
    The whole process will take esp. home study 5 months at the least. The adoption phase back home should be finished in 3- 4 weeks. Her father died 12 years ago, mom died 4 years ago and has been raised by my elderly parents.
    1. Can she come and visit in order to fulfil the requirement that both adopting parents must have seen the child? Iam a legal resident. she already has a visitor's visa. I practically raised her after her my brother died.
    2. If she were to come can we then file as an immediate relative?
    3. Can we file the I 600A with a home study pending? Would they ICE honor it?We have all the required papers other than the Home study. We live in OKlahoma