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Musician currently living in Canada

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  • Musician currently living in Canada


    I live in Vancouver since 4 years, I'm resident permanent here, (french citizen),but I'm not happy for many reasons and I would like to move to USA asap.
    I'm 45 yrs old, I am musician, multi instrumentalist, bass player is my main instrument.
    I have already released 2 LP with a label.
    I know, it's not a big thing.
    And I'm working currently in a different area than music.
    I'm sure US will be the best option to me, regarding my music.

    What would be the best way for me, to have a Visa for the USA ?

    Thank you very much for your help


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    Alas, unless you have "extraordinary ability" (that is you've already proven yourself to be a skilled performer), there's no visa you can apply for that will let you come to the US on an immigrant basis. Even visas for public performance (P-1, P-3) require you to have demonstrated some level of prior success. If you just wish to come to speak to agents/producers/record companies, with no work or public performance, you can enter without a visa on your Canadian status for temporary (less than six months) periods.


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      Ok thank you for your help.
      I would like to move definitely to USA, because as I already said, I'm not really happy here in Canada.


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        Not being happy in Canada doesn't qualify you for immigration into the US, even if you were Canadian.


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          I am wondering to hear that you are not happy in this country. I recently immigrate here and now I have a dream house and design each part of my house beautifully. I have spent a lot of money on my bakehouse and lawn. Now I am happy to be here. May I know why you do not happy in this country?
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