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    I've been working with a US based company as an independent contractor for a few months. The company applied for an H1b visa for me but i was not selected in the lottery. The asked me to travel to the US for a couple of weeks to attend some meetings and meet the people in the team until we can re-apply for a h1b visa again next year. I understand that under a B1 visa i can't be paid for my services while i'm there, but i'm wondering what's the best way to present my case and what could be the chances of getting it.

    Appreciate any advice!

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    yes, you cannot be paid while on a B1.

    when applying ,the purpose should not be outside the scope of a B1. and duration mentioned should match the purpose. For example , attending business meetings for 10 days is a perfectly fine purpose. but 'going for business 'work' for 3 months" will get you a denial.

    get letter from your company here and people in US stating what exactly you will be doing for how many days. Agenda should be clear in your head at the interview.


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      I am in similar situation

      Hi, I am in a similar situation, May I know what did you do?