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B1/B2 Renewal rejected under section 212 (a) ?

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  • B1/B2 Renewal rejected under section 212 (a) ?

    My 1st post here, please be kind

    Im a long haul semi driver for a Canadian company on a Temp worker permit

    I applied to renew my B1/B2 visa so that I can travel into the US and as far as I was aware, Filled out the form correctly, ie criminal past 17 yrs ago for Moral turnipude

    I was refused under section 212(a) and the consular officer marked it as 212 (a) 1 well that is how it looks to me
    212(a)1 is under health grounds, which is puzzling me so much

    Ive no health issues and definitely no issues regarding contagious diseases

    He never asked for any other info, but I offered and he copied the Police report I gained from the Police force in the UK which is where I am a citizen

    He said that I can apply for a waiver of the grounds of ineligibility, and apparently started that process, and stamped my old B1/B2 Cancelled without prejudice

    He told me that processing can take as quick as 3 days to over 6 months

    Im still waiting after 2 months, Is there anything I can do, can I apply under another scheme or something

    Like I stated above, I drive long haul, and crossing international borders is part of my job description, and simply, I like driving US, esp since Canada is going to be under snow for many months to come, and to be able to get away from the snow to some extent would be great

    any advice is appreciated however small

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    state dept website

    there are some exceptions to application of this section of the law ; see if they apply to you. Read the state dept page about ineligibilities for visas;