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B1 expire date.

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  • B1 expire date.

    I have a B1 Visa and first time I entered US on the 28th of August custom wrote 9th of March in my passport. Last time I entered, on the 28th of October, I think the customs may have changed date because they said my visa was only valid throughout 28th of February. Even though I got the information that the customs decide departure date and the date in my visa (28th of February) is only an expire date of the visa. Now when I check my i-94 the only date I can find is the 28th of February, is it that day that is the valid one or the 9th of March that is written in my visa with my first stamp?

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    The date, they stamped on your passport must be valid.

    If you still have doubt, contact them over the phone.

    This is my opinion, not a legal advice.


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      It is valid for only 1 year when you applied this visa ....