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B1 under 18?

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  • B1 under 18?

    I'm 17 and I'm french.

    I recently started a tech company in France. I'm currently in California for 3 months under the Visa Waiver Program for holidays: just wanted to discover the Silicon Valley.

    I would like to attend to an incubator program during Feb-April 2015 in California. During this program I will attend summits, meet Venture Capitalists and maybe raise funds. A B1 would be good.

    The problems are:
    - I'm already in the US under the Visa Waiver Program until February
    - I'm 17

    Can I come back to France as soon as possible and ask for a B1 visa even if I'm not 18? It'll be hard to prove a commitment to France since I have no children/no house/no car/ no nothing, excepted my company.

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    You can hire immigration experts to apply for B-1 visa....