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B1B2 visa cancelled plz help

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  • B1B2 visa cancelled plz help

    two months back my husband got B1B2 multiple 10 years visa, he had conference in usa but due to some medical problem he could not go there.
    Last week me and my son applied for the same but the VO refused my visa and cancelled my husbands visa. Please let me know why she refused
    my application and cancelled my husbands visa. Do they give him again ??? plz help

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    what are the VO's questions and your answers while interview?


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      B1B2 visa cancelled plz help

      Questions to me
      Q: Have you been to abroad ?
      A: yes thailand
      Q: With whom are you going ?
      A: with my husband
      Q: Show me his visa ?
      A: Showed
      he said plz wait in waiting area and he will get back soon. After 45 Mins he call me and return passports

      Questions to my spouse
      Q: Why u wanna go thr ? To attend seminar
      Q: Details about Seminar
      Q: Details about Job Profile
      Q: Details about Travel History


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        B1B2 visa cancelled plz help

        Plz reply


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          What was the purpose of visit you mentioned in DS 160 form?

          Didn't she asked about your purpose of US visit?

          However, As per my view..she doubted that your family is trying to immigrate to USA.

          Might be rejected with following reasons:

          1) VO might thought, if you genuinely wish to just visit and come back, you would have been applied with your husband itself.

          2) Your husband got the visa but didn't travel to attend the conference instead remaining family members applied at later date.

          if you can tell more about what you have filled in DS160 then we may figure out what exactly the reason for rejection and how to overcome.

          This is my opinion, not a legal advice.


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            Thanks very much for your reply
            As per ds160 my purpose of travel was
            Tourism and to see the family friend and yes she asked for the same.. But I am worried about the cancellation of husbands visa because he is working in mnc, for his career it is very important to attend such conferences
            Do they give him visa again after cancellation ? Our intention was not for immigration.. I just wanted to accompanying him...
            Thanks once again plz reply



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              did you carry his original passport?
              What VO wrote on it?
              What was the reason she mentioned for the rejection of your passport and your husband's?
              Did she tell anything else like ..you can uply again?

              Don't worry, for every problem there will be some solution. But don't apply again immediately, wait for right time and collect sufficient proofs for your husband not attending to the conference.
              And he may explain genuinely what exactly happened and why you and your kid wanted to accompany him.

              This is my opinion, not a legal advice.


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                Thanks for replying...
                Vo stamped cancelled on my husbands visa and she told me right now I can't give u visa, u can try again. My husband had a serious leg Injury during the time of his conference that's why he could not travel.. But the thing is how can he prove his point.. He is having his medical records but at interview they don't bother things like that. Should we mention this thing in his ds160 under the details of cancellation visa question ? Thanks for ur help


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                  I am not sure whether there is a column in DS 160 to fill the reason for cancelation of visa.

                  But, surely they will ask why didn't travel last time when you have got a visa.

                  Then he can explain showing medical records.

                  But, no one can say, VO will approve the visa or not.

                  Just prepare well, be positive and hope for the best.


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                    When was your visa cancelled?
                    Visa Australia Immigration