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planning for step 2 cs

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  • planning for step 2 cs

    i would like to know how long it will take for the visa officer to stamp the visa and send it back to my home ???i m from india , and planning for 29 th june for visa(visa appointment) and is that i can leave to usa on 4 th of july???and take my exam (step 2 cs) on 10th of july???or should i have to make an appointment few more days before????as the datesfor visa appointment is getting filled up fast for june ,plz help me out.....

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    plz somebody help me

    plz somebody help me , as the dates for the visa r getting filled very fast


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      it take some time

      it depend upon the case, if they need some time to check ur information, or if the forward you case for further inquires. this may take some some weeks also. mostly they diliver the stamped visa in 3 days only ( if everything OK then)


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        thank you

        thank you ......