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B1 rejected in Apr-16, re-applying in May

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  • B1 rejected in Apr-16, re-applying in May


    I have Joined this company 3 months back in Feb-16 and applied for B1 in Apr-16. However, it was rejected as per 214(b). Not received any concrete reason.

    Below are the details of conversation:

    ME: Good Morning. How are you doing?
    VO: Good Morning. Doing good. Thanks

    VO: Passport Please
    ME: Handed over the passport

    VO: Purpose to visit US
    ME: Explained the purpose

    VO: Do you have meetings
    ME: Yes

    VO: What is your designation in current company?
    ME: Told

    VO: How long you have been with this company?
    ME: 2 months

    After looking into the computer, VO said that cant grant the Visa this time.
    ME: Thank you

    Not sure, what could be the reason for rejection.

    I have 10 years of experience, married, one kid and Salary package is 15 Lac/annum.

    Applied again and having visa interview on 19th May.

    Any suggestions or advice but nothing major has changed in last scenario.

    However, i visited to Italy and Ireland in 2006 & 2007 for business meetings purpose only. Also, would like to highlight that in the last visa interview I missed to show my last passport and the past travels were also not captured in DS-160 as they ask for last 5 years travel details only.

    Will attaching my expired passport which has past travel details can increase or make my case little bit stronger or not.

    Please advice.


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    Please advice on the situation...


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      How it went this time?


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        Your short time of work with your new employer is the most likely concern.