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B1/B2 Visa Cancelled without prejudice

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  • B1/B2 Visa Cancelled without prejudice

    I applied for a B1 visa. My visa got approved at the time of interview but after few days, I got a call from embassy and the officer informed me that the category for which I applied is not right for the purpose of travel and he cancelled my visa without prejudice. He said that I can reapply with the right category which he did not point out.
    My company is sending me to US office for an actuarial rotation program for a 12 week assignment and I informed the same to officer. He then asked me whether I am an Actuary. I informed him that I am an Actuarial Student and I am close to qualification and then he asked me a few more questions about my course and I answered those truthfully.
    My legal department from company has been in loop for the visa category and they asked me to go with B1 category as I will not be receiving any US source income.
    My B1 visa was rejected twice three years back. Can you please advice me whether I should reapply now or not and if yes, what should be the right category for my purpose of travel?