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Advice - foreign contractor visiting my company 4-6 months

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  • Advice - foreign contractor visiting my company 4-6 months

    Hi all -

    I run a software consulting business and have been working with a Vietnamese contractor for about a year and a half. I would like to bring this contractor to the US for about 5-6 months for training, after which our intention is to partner and have him open a development center back home in Vietnam. He is a contractor today. If things go well during his stay here, he will become either a partner or an employee after his stay depending on what we agree on.

    I'm guessing for this situation it is best that he come as a representative of his own vietnamese company engaging in business with mine, and therefore he would apply for an h1 visa, however the h1 language is confusing as it seems to indicate he can participate in things such as seminars or gathering requirements, but cannot actually perform daily work here, even if it is in the context of longer term training.

    Does anyone here have experience in this type of situation, or any recommendations?

    Thank you.