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Applying after B1/B2 visa revoked

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  • Applying after B1/B2 visa revoked

    I had multiple entry US visa. I visited US 4 times in 5 year period. On one occasion my stay was around 80 days(2005) and on another occasion it was around 60 days (2010). On other two occasion it was two weeks each time.
    My bother lives in US so I applied visitor visa for my family in 2011 and at that time consulate revoked my B1/B2 visa because he thought I validated the visa terms and as my brother lives in US I have strong ties there (and I don't meet the requirements of section 214b).

    It was 5 years back. I am now living Europe for last 5 years. We want to visit my brother in US. How should I go for visitor visa application this time? What are the chances of getting the visa?

    Anyone got the US visa after it was revoked earlier?

    Any help is highly appreciated!!