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  • working with b1 visa

    hi there,

    i'm currently working here at US as nursing assistant/caregiver with a b1 visa and it is a 10 year expiration, and at port of entry gave me 1 month of stay and now it is my 6 month what will happen if i go home and want to go back again here, what are the consequences. can my multiple visa be applied as a working visa? what are your advices regarding this matter? in case "temporary work program" will be approved am i qualified for it?

    thank you your reply.
    god bless


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    Re: Working on B1


    Did you extend your stay and was it approved within your expiry of visa, then you have a chance of going and coming back... if not there may be a problem as you have overstayed the visa period.

    Experts, Pl correct me if i am wrong



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      working with b1


      yah i ask for an extension but i don't know if it was approved coz my former employer was the one handling it. so if in case it is approved are they the one will give the date that i should return home or can i stay til my visa expires, coz i have 2 more years for my visa.

      And if i will apply for another visa would that not caused me?

      thanks for the quick reply.



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        If your request for extention is approved, you can stay the duration for which they have extended your visa. You will know that only when your employer shows you the approval. Check it soon, so that your status doesnt become Illegal.

        If you tried and did not get any info from your employer, write to the US Govt, (I dont know where) asking them the status, if not its better you return back to your country within the expiry and then can come back later as you already have multiple entry visa.

        If possible take help of Attorney, that may cost you some $

        Experts correct me pl, if i am wrong.