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B1 Rejected trying to find what went wrong

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  • B1 Rejected trying to find what went wrong

    I went to Delhi for B1 visa and here is my experience. I am trying to find what went wrong. Can you guide on this ?

    Why are you going ?
    To attend the business meeting with company stakeholder and customer in state1 and state2 .

    Were you on L visa before ?
    Yes mam ( Fact is L visa applied 15 years before and expired 7 years ago but stayed in USA for 6 years on L1B, L1A, H1B-which never stamped)

    Anyone else from your company travelling with you ?
    No, I am the only one travelling.

    How long you have been with current company ?
    Close to 1 year

    What is your salary ?
    2*lakhs per annum before taxes and provident fund deductions.

    How many days you are travelling ?
    I will be travelling for 10 business days and total of 14 days.

    What you do ? What is your title?
    I am software architect and i help customer of my company to design software systems.

    What is the agenda ?
    Told about ** builds HVAC, building, industrial equipment and this project is about document managements. And we manage those documents based on approval system etc. I am going for this project where we will be reviewing two departments requirements around the document managements for project design.

    Why you ?
    I have been working on one project which is finished. We are into requirement details of second project and I have asked to go for betterment of the project due to knowledge acquired by me from previous project.

    What will be the outcome ? Once you come back what happens?
    I as architect i will prepares blue print of the design and then probably project goes into implementation.

    Then finally Sorry you are not eligible for this visa.

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    Is it the salary part which is causing the trouble? May need to do a check on it


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      Just my thought, Might be the change of role, earlier you worked on L1A (functional manager) & now you are moving back to Software Architect profile. Might be VO thought that either you lied earlier or now?
      - I am not an Attorney, hence not giving any legal advice. Just sharing MY opinion with an intent to help others.